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Expose the maintenance tips of gardening tools

Gardening tools are an essential tool for planting flowers and greening.Choosing good quality gardening tools can be used for a longer time, but the premise must be regularly maintained and maintained.

Regular maintenance of garden tools will help ensure they are ready for the next gardening and maintenance job, and proper care will make them last longer.

01 Keep it clean

After each use, the soil, sundries and stains on the tool should be removed.

You can rinse it with water, but dry the water on the tool and put it in a ventilated place to keep it dry to avoid rusting.

02 Stay away from strong acids and alkalis

Chemicals with acid and alkali properties are corrosive to metals, so gardening tools should be kept away from chemicals.

Be sure to clean the stains promptly and thoroughly,and then dry them with a cotton cloth to keep them dry to prevent chemicals from corroding metal parts.

03 Pay attention to rust prevention

Whether it's stainless or high carbon steel, every steel will rust (except marine knives), and even stainless steel will rust if you don't take care of it.

The working parts of garden tools are mostly made of metal materials, which are easy to corrode the metal in a humid environment, so they should be stored in a dry environment.

Once rusted, it will affect the use at light level, and may lose its use value if it is heavy, and it is not easy to remove after rusting, so special attention should be paid to anti-rust treatment during use and storage.

04 Protect the cutting edge

Special attention should be paid to the protection of the parts with cutting edges in gardening tools.

A few drops of anti-rust oil or lubricant should be added during storage, and the oil should be wiped evenly with rice paper or cotton cloth to prevent rusting.

A thin layer is fine, if the oil is too thick it may leave a residue. When storing, it is best to wrap it in wax paper to avoid tilting and overlapping, and prevent bending and deformation under pressure.

There should be special tools for sharpening the edge part to ensure the sharpening angle and sharpness and prolong the service life.

05 Wooden handle protection

Avoid prolonged humidity and sun exposure.

The wooden handle of natural pure log, such as long-term exposure to a humid environment, may cause problems such as peeling paint and mildew;

Long-term sun exposure may also cause the surface paint of the tool to discolor or fall off, or even shrink and crack due to the physical properties of wood thermal expansion and contraction.

Therefore, it cannot be placed in a humid environment or exposed to the sun for a long time to maintain a good product experience.

06 Store it properly

Gardening tools are simple and convenient to use and bring a lot of convenience to people's lives, so the maintenance of gardening tools becomes more and more important.

After use, clean the exterior, especially the parts that are prone to rust, then wipe dry and store in a dry and ventilated place.

When the tool is idle for a long time, apply anti-rust oil on the metal surface and place it in a proper place. Store the tool to avoid multiple extrusions, and pay attention to proper storage.

07 Pruning Shears Care

Proper care will not only make the pruning shears live longer, but also keep the flower incisions clean and hygienic.

Rinse the blade with clean water, wipe off the dirt on the surface of the pruning shears, dry the water on the surface with a paper towel or dry cloth, and pay attention to carefully wipe the dirt between the gaps.

Put the dried pruning shears in a dry, ventilated place to dry for a while, and finally apply the blade protection oil, or wipe the metal parts of the pruning shears with an oily rag.

Although the pruning shears are all rust-proof, they will still rust due to standing water or bacteria. In addition to regular maintenance, be sure to clean and wipe them after each use.
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